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Understanding the basics

Before you start using the Buyerpix platform please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the underlying structure and how it works. This will help give you a much better experience in using the system and the ability to use it to its full potential.


At its most basic level, Buyerpix is designed to capture orders. You probably currently receive order confirmation forms from your supplier, either handwritten or via email. With Buyerpix, we help you capture that order electronically as you buy – not just the order list but photographs of each item, the cost of each item, quantities, RRP etc.

Each Order on Buyerpix contains the following information

  • Order Supplier
  • Order Budget (An Optional field you can add)
  • Order Spend
  • Total Retail Value (based on supplier markup if set)
  • Total number of product or item types
  • Total quantity of items ordered.

Product/Order Items

Each order consists of a number of order items, which are the products that you are purchasing. With the Buyerpix App you can now capture details on each item as you buy, and you can record a number of attributes of each item, which are explained below.

Item Image

Using the Buyerpix App on your phone or tablet you can capture an image of the item as you buy. Once you create an order in Buyerpix the App will prompt you to start adding items, the first part of this is taking a photograph of the item. After you take the photograph you can simply save the item then and move onto the next one, or you can enter more details about the item, which are shown below. All these details are optional, but the more you use the better you will be able to search and track spend etc.

(You may also find it quicker to just take photos of your items when you are ordering and then update the specific items below afterwards)

Style Name / Code / Description

This is a simple text field which you can use to name the item, e.g. ‘Janey Dress’, or perhaps you would prefer to use the Suppliers Item Code, or even your own naming convention.

Cost Price

This is simply the cost (wholesale) of the item you are buying. This will be used to calculate the total spend for this item (cost * quantity) and the total spend for the order of all order items.


If you are not using any variants (e.g. Size/Colour etc.) then you just enter the number of items you are ordering here. If you are using variants then you cannot directly edit the quantity field.


Item variants can be used to track specific versions of the item being ordered, e.g. Size, Colour etc. You must first set up the variant set that you wish to use, then you simply click on each variant to increase the quantity for each. The sum of all the variants ordered will be the total quantity for this item.

Product Type

The product type field can be used to further categorise the item, e.g. Dress, Shoes, Jacket etc.. You manage the different product types, so you can use whatever combination you wish.


The colour field can be used to further categorise the item, e.g. White, Red, Black etc.. You manage the different product types, so you can use whatever combination you wish.

(note – you could also use product types and colours as variants as well, it just depends which most suits your buying)

So that is the basic structure of orders within Buyerpix. Once you start adding your orders to Buyerpix you will start to see some statistics on the dashboard page, and you can also start to search across you orders. We will cover all aspects of the App in the coming lessons.

Updated on 26th July 2019

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