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Lesson 3: Working with your orders

So now we have created our first order and started adding items to it. We’ve added some more items since the last lesson so the order screen now looks like this

Our Order Screen

Now, Let’s look at some of the things we can do now on the order screen.

Order Summary

At the top of the screen we have already discussed the various order statistics such as the total spend, retail etc. Remember, these values will update as you add or update the items in the order, so you can keep on top of your spend.

Order Item Summary

You can also see that there is a thumbnail for each order item and on each of these is a summary of the price – Cost Price (Quantity) Retail price.

An Order Item

Sorting Order Items

But you can also change the order of the items here, so that you can sort them by items last entered, or the most or least expensive. To do so, just tap the sort order under the order header:

This is a great way for you to sort your order by cost and see which items you are spending the most on.

Viewing / Editing / Deleting Items

If you wish to view an items, simply click on the thumbnail image and the item will open in a new view. From here you can edit it, or delete it if you wish

Deleting All Items (clearing an order)

If you wish to remove an order (see below) then you will first need to make sure there are no items in that order. Rather than deleting one by one, you can delete all the items at once by click on the ‘Edit’ link at the top of the order screen and select ‘Delete All items’

Deleting an Order

To delete an order, first ensure all items have bee removed as above and tap the ‘Delete Order’ option. Note, this cannot be reversed!

Editing an Order

It is possible to edit an order at any time if you need to change any details such as the season, supplier or budgets. Simply tap on ‘Edit Order Details’ from the menu and you will see the order details as below

When you have made any changes required, simply tap save.

Updated on 26th July 2019

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