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Lesson 4: Using Variants (sizing) in your Order

Variants are a way of storing information about things like sizes, colours etc. in your order. For instance if we were buying products that came in different colours we could set up the colours as a variant, and then record how many of each colour in an item we buy. It is more common to buy variants of sizes, e.g. Small, Medium, Large etc. so that is the example we will look at here, but remember you can use it to record any variant you wish of a product.

So let’s first look at how we can set up variants in Buyerpix, and then we will look at how to apply them to an order.

Creating a Variant

To edit your variants, you first need to click on the menu bar, which is in the top left hand side of the App. Here you will see links to various areas of the App, but for this example tap on the ‘Variants’ link.

The Buyerpix Menu

When we first access the Variants page we would expect it to be blank as per the image here.

Click ‘+’ to add a new Variant template. You can think of this as a ‘holder’ for your sizes, e.g. Shoe Sizes, European Sizes, US Sizes etc. In this example we will create a ‘T-SHIRT SIZES” template. When we tap ‘Save’ we will be then prompted to add the Units to the template. So in our example we probably want to add sizes like ‘S’, ‘M’, ‘L’, ‘XL’ etc. To add these sizes just tap the ‘+’ button on the bottom right hand side. Continue to do this until you have added all the required sizes.

So now our Variant Sizing looks like this, with sizes from XS to XXL. There is no limit on the number of variant units you can have, and you can also change the ordering at any time by tapping the right side and dragging, this is handy in case you need to add a new size at some point but want to keep consistent ordering.

Configure an order to use Variants

Now that we have a variant template set up, let’s use this variant in a new order. We will assume that you have learned how to create an order already in Lesson 1. However, in this order we are now going to set the Variants option to ‘T-Shirt Sizes’, as per the screen shot below:

Now our order is all ready for capturing the sizing of the items which will be buying. Let’s start adding items to it. If you haven’t look at how to do this, please jump to Lesson 2 before continuing.

Saving Variants on the Order Items

Once we add a new item to this order you will now notice that we have the variants listed under the name and cost prices. When variants are enabled on an order the Quantity field is locked and updates automatically as a total of all the variant sizes. To add quantities of a particular variant simply tap the variant, each tap will increase the quantity. Should you make a mistake you can tap ‘reset’ and all the variants will reset.

Thats how easy it is to adding variants, and in particular sizing to your order. This will be extremely useful when it comes to exporting or printing your orders, or if you wish to search across sizes. We will look at our search screen in a later lesson.

Updated on 29th July 2019

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