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Lesson 5: Colours and Product Types

In this lesson we will look at how we can categorise your items using colours and product types. Of course you could use variants for this, if your needs are more complicated but if you just wish to use colour and types for filtering and searching this is the best way.

Adding Colours/Product Types

Colours and Product Types are handled in the same way in Buyerpix so we will just look at how Colours are managed in this section, and the same will apply for product types.

Product Types and Colours can be accessed from the menu

As we expect when we first go into our product colours there are none defined so we will see a screen like that below. To add a new colour, simply tap on the ‘+’ on the bottom right corner.

We will add a number of colours for use in the system.

We can obviously add, edit and delete colours as we wish. You can also add additional colours while you add products, i.e. you don’t have to set them all up at the start, just add as you need.

The same process applies for Product Types, so we have just gone on ahead to add some sample product types

Now that we have set up some colours and product types lets see how we use these in our orders

Using Product Types/Colours in your orders

Using the Product Types and and Colours, is easy, and optional so you can use them only if you wish. After you add or edit an item, if you look under the image you will see two drop down boxes which will allow you to select a product type or colour.

Here we have categorised this item as a Dress which is Black in Colour. Categorising like this will be useful if you wish to search across your orders. Remember, if you need to add a new Product Type or Colour you can do so from here, just select the ‘Add New Product Type / Add New Colour’ option from the dropdown, add the new one, and the app will then return to this page.

Updated on 30th July 2019

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