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Create your account

Now that you have downloaded the app, you will need to create an account on Buyerpix to start using the platform. This is really easy, just follow the steps below

Registering your account

If you haven’t already got a Buyerpix account before you downloaded the app you can simply register from the app by clicking on the ‘Register’ link.

When you click on this link you will be brought to the screen below where you can enter in your details.

All you need to provide is

  • A company name (if you don’t have a company, you can just use your own name)
  • Your own name (First Name¬† Second Name)
  • A contact email address as your username (you will need to verify this email address)
  • A password to secure your account

(You can also register on our web portal and then download the app to login if you prefer)

Verify your email address

In order for us to protect the security of your account we need to verify that the email address you provided is valid. After you register you will not be able to use the app until you verify the email address, you should see a message similar to this :

We will have sent you an email with a link to click to do this. It should look something like this

If you do not see an email from us within 5 minutes of registering you should first check your junk/spam email inbox because sometime email systems may not recognise this as a valid email.

If you still haven’t received it you can click on the link on the app to resend it or contact us at info@buyerpix.com for help.

Once you have verified your email address you can now click on the login button on your app again to try your login again. If your email has been verified successfully you will now be able to use the platform.

Account Subscriptions

We have a number of subscription plans to suit all budgets, but when you register first you will be able to use all the features of the platform for free (up to certain usage limits – see our homepage for more details). This will allow you to try the app to see if you like it, and if you wish you can then upgrade to an appropriate subscription level at any stage.

Updated on 26th July 2019

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